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Harrison Ford does not know me, but let me tell you how we met.  One night I got the surprise of my life when I spotted him coming from a secluded building at a local theme park.  He had on a hat exactly like the one worn by Indian Jones.  Other than that, there was no disguise.  So, naturally I spoke to him. 

Before I had time to explain what was on my mind, he had already figured it out.  Mr. Ford, being the perfect gentleman he is, located a bench to the side of the walkway.  I could see it in his eyes.  He was thinking, ‘Here goes the spill.  So, I just as well get comfortable.’ 

When he sat down, I began to explain how my character, Dr. Andrew Rogers, would set the stage for a perfect meeting with Indian Jones.  Andy is a well-known archeologist who travels the world, searching out and proving or disproving the authenticity of ancient artifacts.  The only problem:  during those searches, he awakens a host of demons.  If that is not enough, he has gangsters trailing after him, attempting to take his discoveries from him.

When I mentioned the two of our characters meeting in a sequel, Mr. Ford looked up, made eye contact, and smiled.  He was about to speak.  But guess what?  We were interrupted.  “Hey, Spiel,” he said while waving at a gentleman pushing a stroller.  It was none other than Steven Spielberg.

With my heart pounding, I explained my idea to Mr. Spielberg.  After all, Mr. Ford had introduced us.  Pointing to his friend, Mr. Spielberg quickly replied, “That fellow’s character deserves his own billing.”

Then, I said, “You are right.  I’ll just create a story for Indian Jones, a sequel.”  Now that had gotten Mr. Harrison’s attention.  He looked up from underneath the brim of his hat and said, “You write it, send it to me, and I’ll read it.”

I was ecstatic.  With that being said, he rose to walk away to follow after Mr. Spielberg.  It took a moment for this to sink in.  When it did, I realized I had overlooked something.  Mr. Ford had not told me where to send the manuscript.

And, then, I awakened from my dream.  Before you come to a conclusion about this chance meeting in my slumber, you need to know that my dreams quite often come true.  Today I received a magazine with Harrison Ford’s picture on the cover.  That is why I’m telling this story.  For you guys out there who are wondering . . .  Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg are the nicest people you will ever meet – if only in my dreams.


Roger Grubbs


Dr. Andrew Rogers’ Adventure Series




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