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This blog is specifically written for my twitter friends, but I am certain anyone can benefit from it.  The things I would like to share with you apply to all facets of our lives.  In order for us to become successful, we must be willing to help others along this amazing journey in the circle of life.  There is a balance of nature; and as we learn from animals of the wild, only the strong will survive.  But taking that one step further we can conclude that a network of beings is more formidable that any single entity.  When the network stands together, even the strongest opponent against them will fall under their power.

It has been my good fortune to meet many wonderful people on twitter.  Since beginning the remarkable journey during the month of November of 2011, meeting incredible people there has brought me much satisfaction.  I like to think that others have gained from my presence as well.  You see, the meaning of life is much more than our selfish desires.  It is seeking the good of others and placing them above ourselves.  When we do that, we find this kindness coming back to us many times over.

Twitter is like that, whether we understand it or not.  This is an excellent place to network with others.  In the beginning, it was very difficult for me to realize how this powerful social media could possibly be useful to anyone.  It only took a few weeks for me to understand how this could, in fact, be an amazing opportunity to network with people all over the world.

The possibilities are unlimited if a person learns how to use twitter properly.  By properly I mean with kindness, as well as showing consideration for others and their needs.  Within these few short months, I have met people of all walks of life.  It’s to my surprise that many have been watching me and my approach to this process.  To be candid with you, I did not fully understand where it would lead when I first began the journey.  Now it is very clear that there is a network of people in my following and those I follow back.  When we have something important to say, others in our network quickly come to our aid and “retweet” the message to thousands of their followers.  Before long our message has been shared with literally hundreds of thousands of people, all through our network.  There are hundreds of millions of people on twitter, all wanting to meet others with common interests, networking if you will.

In the beginning of my experience, it became obvious to me that many of my followers were authors, all attempting to build their presence in the world of self-publishing.  Since I own a publishing company, they were in essence looking for some sort of guidance as to the process of getting their work recognized.  Some even told me they were hoping for some input from me.  I made the promise to share what I could as I unraveled the mystery of self-publishing.  Some of those ideas have already been shared through my tweets.

Many of you may be of the opinion that I have forgotten about this promise, but not so.  We have been researching and testing our ideas before releasing the details to others.  Most of you know by now that I am not one to offer advice that has not been proven.  Thankfully, after much hard work, we have something very valuable to share with you.

There are distinct differences between self-publishers and major publishing houses.  Our number one concern was to find those differences and see if we could mimic their strong points.  Surprisingly there are some major weaknesses in those powerful giants as well, things that self-publishers must avoid in order to be successful.  This ambitious project has produced some astounding findings.  We have taken those discoveries and written a book about them.  We also feel there are some distinct areas where self-publishers, as a whole, fall short of those giants in the business of book publishing.  But there is a way to use these weaknesses to our advantage.

Even big publishing houses will admit that only 5% of their projects earn back the advance paid to the author.  This would entail that the other 95% fail to turn a profit.  Can a self-publisher do a better job with that?  Of course we can, but we must work prudently.  Most emerging authors do not have the funds or the desire to throw money away on a loser.

One thing that we have learned from three decades of publishing newsletters is that every project must be fully tested before committing a large amount of capital to it, especially to something that is destined to fail.  So, why not test your book in the same way?  It can be done.  If there are flaws, then fix them before sinking thousands of dollars in the project that will never be recovered.

Do not be surprised if many well-known authors soon move into the field of self-publishing.  They can use the principles we have laid out for them to make the next release much more rewarding, all while managing the entire process in an orderly manner.  Hopefully, we will be finished with the final analysis of this project within the next few weeks, releasing the book on the subject shortly afterwards.  It will be available in both e-book and print format.

In closing let me say something about my friend Dr. Jimmy Star who goes by the twitter name @DrJimmyStar.  It has been my good fortune to be a guest on his show.  Soon afterwards I began to realize how powerful this syndication really is.  The Jimmy Star Show is being broadcast to 155 countries and is listened to by celebrities everywhere.  Known as the “King of COOL” among his own peers, Jimmy has his act together.  He knows everybody and everybody knows him.  After appearing on his show, my book sales skyrocketed and are still climbing.  Now how COOL is that!  Thanks, Dr. Star, for allowing me to become a part of your far reaching network.  In case you missed the show, here is the link to the entire podcast.  My appearance is about 40 minutes into the show, and don’t forget to hang around for Bubba of Forrest Gump right after me. http://bit.ly/QDaCz6 

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