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Sixteen-year-old award-winning actress, Taylor-Grace Davis is now adding novelist to her outstanding accomplishments by releasing her first full-length book in The Protector Series entitled, Destined.  She envisions the three books in The Protector Series progressing into screenplays which will be followed by movies where she will star in the leading role.  By adding novelist to her list, she is accomplishing her life-long goals of writing, acting, and production in the filmmaking industry.

In Destined, the battle of Good vs Evil reaches epic proportions.  Unknown to most, the power of Dark has sent in the Reavers, evil creatures that are determined to rule the world.  Our only hope is with the Protectors, sent to us by the power of Light.  Yet, we soon learn that the power of darkness is a formidable opponent and not easily defeated, even for those charged with protecting the good.

For eighteen-year-old Taylor Scott, the main character of the novel, the confrontation hits close to home.  After experiencing a recurring dream, that makes no sense to her, the young lady unknowingly follows a master plan, one that has been set in motion long before her birth.  Yet, she falls in love with a mysterious young man that she knows nothing about.  The forbidden romance soon heats up, and the steamy relationship must be controlled.  However, that’s easier said than done for two young people with normal desires.  But, it is critical for Taylor to refrain from acting on those feelings.

To further complicate matters, she learns that those evil beings are cunning and not easily detected.  They too have a plan, and suddenly the mighty battle is on.  Making it even more difficult, Taylor doesn’t want any part of this encounter; and now it’s up to the Protectors to keep her safe while she attempts to avoid her destiny.

Trained by LA professional J. D. Lewis in addition to Bob Luke of Bob Luke Studios and Broadway Dance Studio of New York, author Taylor-Grace Davis (named after Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly) has achieved 32 combined credits in film, television, voiceover, and theater by the age of fourteen.  She has received the 2013 Best Breakout Performance Award at the First Glance Film Festival for the award winning short film The Box.  She most recently co-wrote a powerful film addressing the issue of human trafficking in which she plays the lead role of a young girl with autism.  One of Taylor-Grace’s notable points of interest is her maturity which has allowed her to star in dramatic roles of characters much older than her actual age.

As a humanitarian, Taylor-Grace is the founder of Teddy Bears and Hugs, an organization which provides teddy bears and school supplies for children displaced due to emergencies.  She is one of fifty students across the nation to be selected in 2011 to serve on the Youth Advisory Board for the Frederick Douglas Family Foundation in Atlanta.  The mission of this advisory board is to educate others about modern day slavery and human trafficking.

Along with numerous awards in the film industry, Taylor-Grace has attained distinction in scholastic achievement, citizenship, and the arts.  When she is not working, she enjoys spending time reading, writing, cheerleading, martial arts, and running.  Taylor-Grace currently resides in rural Western North Carolina.

Join us as we celebrate Taylor-Grace’s exciting new achievement of becoming a published author.  Her book, Destined, the first novel to be released in The Protector Series, will be available on September 1st in digital format and in print.





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