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Roger:  Hello, audience.  I have a treat for you today.  Bart Nelson has agreed to make an appearance to help create public awareness concerning human trafficking.  Welcome, Bart.  We want to thank you for taking the time to make this rare appearance.  We all know how busy you are and have heard of the good you have accomplished in the battle against human trafficking.  (Bart smiles and looks all about before staring directly into Roger’s eyes.  Roger immediately asks the first question.)

Roger:  For the benefit of our audience and to answer the question that I am constantly being asked, how tall are you and how much do you weigh?

Bart:  They really asked you that?  (Bart pauses and smiles before answering.)  I am 6’2” and weight approximately 210 to 220, depending on how much I eat.

Roger:  Is food a problem?  

Bart:  It is not about the cost.  When we are on assignment, food often becomes scarce.  There are no shopping malls in the jungle, and sometimes we are forced to live off the land. 

Roger:  For the record, you are 6’2” and weigh 210+, dark short hair, brown eyes, and a nice tan.  And, ladies, he does have massive biceps.  (Bart blushes, forcing a smile.)  What size are those shoes? 

Bart:  Actually, they are boots.  I wear a size 12.  Do your readers really want to know that?

Roger:  They want to know everything.  You do have some admirers out there. 

Bart:  If it will help put a stop to human trafficking, then I am willing to do anything I can.  So, ask away. 

Roger:  Everyone knows you are a Navy SEAL.  Tells us what it is like training to become the best of the best. 

Bart:  There are a number of Special Forces out there, all good men.  But the SEALs have very high standards as most people know.  Not everyone that tries out makes it.  If you do, it is considered an honor. 

Roger:  When you began training for the SEALs, did you ever consider quitting? 

Bart:  Never!  I know it sounds strange, but that is the one thing that sets us apart from the rest.  A SEAL never quits.  It is referred to as ‘fire in the gut’.  Either you have it or you don’t.  

Roger:  There is so much we could ask about that.  However, for the sake of time, we need to get into the mission you are currently involved with.  I understand it is to take down human trafficking.  What drives you to risk everything for this cause? 

Bart:  It is personal now.  Many of you know Chelsea Steele, a demolition expert.  Her sister, Vanessa, became a victim of human trafficking. 

Roger:  Without revealing the details of the book, we will withhold specific information about that abduction.  Hopefully, she is safe now.  But tell us, how dangerous is this battle? 

Bart:  Human trafficking is a $32 billion business.  With that kind of money at stake, they will kill in a blink of an eye to keep it covered up. 

Roger:  So, it is pretty intense, I take it. 

Bart:  As intense as any battle I have ever been involved in. 

Roger:  We all know about the tragedy that occurred during your last mission in the official capacity of the Navy SEALs.  I believe you were extracting the attorney general from his abductors when it happened.  If I recall, you were working for the president on this mission. 

Bart:  I don’t like talking about it, but yes, we lost half of our men. 

Roger:  That must have been hard to swallow, seeing how things turned out.  But let’s move on to your current mission, human trafficking.  Most people think of this as a problem that the victims bring on themselves.  How do you choose to address that? 

Bart:  That idea is totally off base.  While some of the women involved did in fact make a mistake that landed them in this predicament, most are innocent victims.  They are tricked, coerced, and often threatened in an effort to force them into a life of which there is no escape.  

Roger:  How is that?  Can you enlighten us on the procedures used in human trafficking? 

Bart:  First of all, they are very shrewd.  Seldom do they appear as criminals, thus setting a snare for the victims.  Generally they stalk the victims for days, sometimes weeks.  When the target of their interest is at their most vulnerable state, they make their move, leaving behind no witnesses and no evidence that a crime has been committed.  They do that for a very good reason.  It is a known fact the case will soon be dropped under those conditions. 

Roger:  So, you think many of the missing persons are, in fact, abductions not runaways. 

Bart:  We know they are.  My team has been responsible for freeing victims from all over the globe.  There are thousands, possibly millions, of victims, waiting to be rescued from a life worse than death. 

Roger:  That brings up a good point.  Why doesn’t the United States simply go after them with our military and free those that are being held against their will? 

Bart:  It is a matter of jurisdiction and can complicate things.  We cannot send military operations into those countries.  We are at peace with them. 

Roger:  But isn’t this war?  Aren’t you declaring war on human trafficking? 

Bart:  That is a sensitive issue, and I am bound by an agreement with a top ranking official not to disclose the details. 

Roger:  So you are working undercover, performing your duties for someone high up the ladder.  Is it the president? 

Bart:  You know I can’t answer that.  But it has been made very clear that if we get caught, we are on our own.  

Roger:  That must be difficult to swallow.  Here you are, doing a good service for your country, and you could end up disappearing like the victims.  Nobody would own up to the fact these orders came from the president. 

Bart:  I didn’t say they came from the president, and that is a point that I need to make very clear. 

Roger:  Okay, so we will leave that question alone.  This covert operation could get you and your friends killed.  If something happens to you, nobody will come to your defense.  Why would you do it? 

Bart:  The answer is simple.  The very first victims we rescued convinced us this must be done.  When we looked into the eyes of these young women, it became clear I had no other choice. 

Roger:  What did you find?  Can you describe the victims to us?

Bart:  In the beginning we targeted victims that were between 18 and 30, very attractive females who had simply disappeared.  Nobody was looking for them, and eventually the cases were closed.  Once we located these young women, it was obvious what was going on.  They were despondent, having been drugged and abused.  Their lives had been taken away from them.  Now they were the possession of someone else, modern day slavery if you will. 

Roger:  Slavery still exists around the world?  Most think it ended some 150 years ago. 

Bart:  It is worse now than ever.  Back then slavery was not hidden.  It was out in the open for all to see.  But human trafficking is very much alive and a bigger problem because it operates under the radar.  

Roger:  Why doesn’t law enforcement get involved and shut them down?  

Bart:  As you know, training is everything.  We as Navy SEALs learned to rely on our training.  Law enforcement is not trained to deal with this sort of crime.  When someone disappears, they immediately target the last person known to have seen the victim.  That is what they are trained to do.  By the time that person is cleared of any wrongdoing, the case is already cold. 

Roger:  I’ve seen that happen.  What can we do to change that? 

Bart:  Your appearance on Dottie Laster’s TRAFFICKED is a step in the right direction.  Dottie is actively involved in training law enforcement to deal with this sort of crime.  When someone disappears for no apparent reason, we need to take a broader look at what is happening. 

Roger:  What can we do to prevent this crime?  Isn’t prevention the key to cutting off the supply of victims? 

Bart:  Exactly!  Nothing is foolproof, but here are some suggestions.  Young people need to have a buddy system in place, especially when you are going to be out late at night.  If you do not check in, someone can search for you before it is too late.  Next, do not be tricked into something that sounds too good to be true.  These people have been known to pose as model agencies, companies seeking employees, and any number of factious schemes to pull young people into their organization.  Once they control you, it is too late to get out of the predicament.  Then by using drugs, sleep deprivation, and threats against family members, they control you. 

Roger:  What are other risks you would like to point out to our viewers? 

Bart:  When traveling abroad, do not separate from your group.  Stay together.  Do your homework and avoid countries that are known for this type problem. 

Roger:  Now that you have brought it up, what are some other tricks that traffickers use on victims? 

Bart:  Date rape drugs have been around for decades.  Everyone, especially young people,  need to be careful when at bars, parties, or anywhere that give strangers access to your food or drinks.  Those powerful drugs will render the victim helpless against an attacker.  By the time you wake up, it is often too late. 

Roger:  I have literally hundreds of questions to choose from, but we are out of time.  We want to thank you again, Bart, for taking the time to speak with us.  Before we let you go, there is one I must ask or the young ladies will kill me.  I understand you are single.  Are their any prospects for marriage in the near future?  (Bart smiles and hides a blush.) 

Bart:  Well, I have my eyes set on someone special.  But to answer your question, there are no plans for marriage just yet. 

Roger:  So, there you have it, ladies.  Bart is still available.  And if you play your cards right, you might just catch him.  With his permission, I will field questions and comments on this blog site.  Make sure you leave a way for us to reach you, and I will see that Bart gets the message.  (Roger stands to shake Bart’s hand, noticing him rolling his eyes.)  So, you are concerned about the women lining up at your door?  (Bart smiles, shakes his head, and walks out the door.) 

Closing comments:  If you would like to know more about Bart and his battle against human trafficking, please feel free to leave a comment.  Be sure to check out The Twelve SEALs and the sequel, SEALs II – The Impossible.  Thanks you! 

Participants:  Roger Grubbs, author & Bart Nelson, character in The Twelve SEALs http://amzn.to/yXl5ue & SEALs II – The Impossible http://amzn.to/z92ZeK .

Dottie Laster’s TRAFFICKED on Here Women Radio:  http://bit.ly/zDUkka


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What does the Navy SEALs and human trafficking have in common?  Absolutely nothing except being enemies!  That should be enough to put this vile group on notice.  The SEALs have long ago been accepted as the elite.  If there is a tough job to be done, these are the guys to call upon.  Anyone that is familiar with Bin Laden has heard of the SEALs and the heroic mission to rid the world of this terrorist.  These well-trained men are as tough as they come.  When the mission runs into trouble they know how to get it done.  Their motto says it all: A Navy SEAL never gives up.  So what can we say to those involved in human trafficking?  You had better watch out!  There is a team of former SEALs that are coming after you. 

The President of theUnited States is fed up with the disappearance of our young people.  The FBI now has a special division that handles cases involving human trafficking.  However, the task can be overwhelming, and that is the reason a team of former SEALs has been called upon. 

It is frightening to learn how powerful the organization of human trafficking has become.  Each year there are as many as 800,000 missing person’s reports filed and of those, some 150,000 are actual abductions.  In the end only 1,100 to 1,200 bodies are found.  These remaining missing persons are never heard from again.

Why did I become involved in writing about human trafficking?  It is because the problem seems to be getting worse.  I can personally recall a young woman disappearing on her way to the office.  She was employed at the corporate level of the company that I worked for.  It did not take long for news to reach everyone concerning her disappearance.  Can you imagine that?  One morning your loved one leaves for work, never to be heard from again.  It just so happens this occurred in Oklahoma, City.  Now three decades later a team of former SEALs is coming out of retirement to fight against this vile group of human trafficking.  According to news reports, they are operating in the state of Oklahoma.  It is ironic, isn’t it?  However I wrote The Twelve SEALs before any of this was known to me.  While this novel is totally a creative work of fiction, it must be noted that the statistics are based upon well-documented information.  It is my purpose to call to action.

There are young people disappearing all over the world at an alarming rate.  It is time to do something about it.  The Twelve SEALs provides a scenario that could happen to anyone, at any time.  Not everybody that disappears is a victim of human trafficking, but I have reasons to believe a lot of them are.  Just because a person is over eighteen does not relieve us of our responsibility to search for them. 

It is appalling to learn that so many cases of missing persons are never solved.  Maybe here is a solution.  Why not put our best men on the task?  This is a job for none other that the Navy SEALs.

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The whole world has been captivated by the murder trial in Orlando, Florida.  Regardless of who you talk to, there is going to be a difference of opinion.  However, the tragedy of the whole matter is the death of a young child.  Her name is Caylee Marie Anthony.  

This beautiful two-year-old had her whole life ahead of her, yet it only took a moment for it to be snatched away.  What actually happened?  Will we ever know?  Will justice prevail?  All these questions have an answer, but it may never be revealed. 

I become very emotional when the victim is a child.  Maybe it is because I have witnessed such injustice in the world.  While this child can only speak from the grave, there are other victims that are very much alive.  Yet when they beg for help, none is provided. 

For nineteen years the family I wrote about in for the Victims had to endure malicious abuse.  It all began when their parents reported criminal activity within the Postal Service.  Immediately they were being harassed by a host of people.  It would be impossible to reveal all that happened to them in this short message.  Although I have written a total of three books about this tragedy, laying out the whole matter in minute detail.  

I feel compelled, however, to reveal a portion of what they endured.  Maybe it is because this case has opened my eyes.  For whatever reason, I am ready to reveal to the whole world what I know.  Shortly after August 6th, 1992, the family mentioned in for the Victims reported postal crimes to the police.  That afternoon two postal inspectors show up to take statements.  It soon became obvious that something was amiss.  The very next day their house was broken into.  Nothing was taken, and they were puzzled as to why someone had done it.  Soon the answer was evident.  The entire family became sick.  The cause?  Pesticide poisoning.  Blood tests proved they had been ingesting DDT, enough to kill them.  But no matter how hard they tried, they could not seem to get the police to stop it.  So, they went to the FBI.  After that, it only got worse. 

Over the course of many months, the conditions became unbearable for this family of four.  All the police did was fill out reports while the lives of these children were in jeopardy.  The younger child was only six years old at the time; so, naturally the pesticides had a greater effect upon her small body.  At one point, she could barely walk as she dragged her foot across the floor.  Later she was rushed to the emergency room with severe stomach cramps.  After this incident, the parents became fed up with law enforcement and hired a private investigator.  With his untimely death, they were ready to leave Alabama and move to Florida.  However, the crimes followed them to Orlando.  So, they filed police reports again, but to no avail.  

One might conclude from all of this that there is no justice, but you would be wrong.  I have kept a record of what happened to those involved.  The details are revealed in the second installment of  for the Victims – Avenging Angel.  Yes, there is justice.  While it may not come from a court of law, a policeman, an FBI agent, or a postal inspector, there will be justice for all.  An agonizing death awaits the guilty; and as they lay suffering on their deathbed, what could possibly comfort them.  

In closing, this country is in a predicament, and there is a reason for it.  Those details are covered in the final chapter of  for the Victims – Nation in Crisis.  Is there justice?  If you still have any doubts, why not read the trilogy of  for the Victims.

Roger Grubbs





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Thank you, dear readers, for your encouragement.  I feel like I have succeeded as a writer if I have entertained, inspired, and motivated you.  I am grateful for your support and positive reinforcement; and I promise to work very hard to make certain you are never disappointed.  

I’m a firm believer that life has a purpose.  You may have already found your reason for being here, but others are still searching.  Regardless of our individual reasons for being on this beautiful planet called “Earth”, there is joy in living.  Readers, your uniqueness, inspires me to write. 

The world is not perfect.  There is a raging battle between good and evil.  I like to think that most people are good, yet evil is a very powerful force—and it seems to get the upper hand at times.  However, the heroes in my stories—our stories—are not quitters.  They sacrifice everything to help others.  You will be encouraged by them—and see yourself in them.  They take a stand for good even though the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against them.  And if necessary, they will offer the ultimate of sacrifices–themselves—for the greater good.  

Now, please let me share my humble beginnings as an author—I want to show you where my allegiance lies, and why writing about it is so important to me. 

I write . . . for the Victims 

The first novel I ever wrote was for the victims.  This is about true crime and provides a message of hope for those who are suffering.  This series was not intended to entertain; its purpose was to inform.  You see, I know the family that became the victims of these horrendous crimes mentioned throughout the series.  The story involves a frightening nineteen-year journey that has never ended.  A family of four had everything to live for.  They were on top of the world literally.  Suddenly that changed in the blink of an eye.  

These four people became victims of crimes you could have never imagined.  The worst part of the whole ordeal was that they received no help from a single soul.  What affected me the most was I witnessed the look in those children’s eyes as they begged an officer of the law for help.  He laughed and walked away.  Now you understand why I became a writer.  Law enforcement turned a deaf ear as others kept their secrets while this family suffered.  Nevertheless, this family refused to give up.  Police reports were filed in three states along with complaints to the FBI in two of those states and its headquarters inWashingtonDC.  Even after all this, the crimes continued.  

When this problem began, two members of this family were only children – ages six and twelve.  Their lives were literally destroyed by crooked law enforcement, dishonest judges, and a host of people who took bribes to remain quiet as others suffered.  But this family never gave up—they simply refused to be quitters.  But these victims did not simply survive—they thrived.  

The twelve-year-old is now thirty-one and has obtained a PhD.  She is a college professor.  The six-year-old is now twenty-four and a school teacher.  Fittingly, she was chosen as “Rookie Teacher of the Year”.  However, it has not always been easy for them.  They have been harassed by those who want to make their lives miserable.  It seems there is plenty of scum out there who are willing if the price is right.  The parents are now much older and should have been able to retire comfortably long ago.  However, crooks are not quitters either – just dumb and mean.  I’m convinced this family has a purpose in life:  if nothing else, to be an example to others.  That is why I have written the series of for the Victims

Before you read these novels, I must warn you.  Those were my first creations, and at the time I was overwhelmed by the crimes being committed against these two young children.  It shows in my writing style, and the story has affected others in the same way.  After reading them, many became so angry with the Postal Service and their law enforcement division that they did not even pick up their mail for days.  

The whole world needs to know this: no matter how small of a part one person plays in crimes or hatred, that person bears the guilt of perpetuating pain and injustice that ruins lives.  The law recognizes this—those who ignore or even slightly contribute to these crimes are under racketeering laws—which can carry the penalty of federal prison.  

Survivors know, prison sentences do not redeem lost years of hope, dreams, and promise.  Survivors, however, are comforted by knowing they are not alone.  The victims in my novels—who are still thriving today—never gave up hope.  So, if you are suffering, please know that you are not alone.  Draw on the strength of others who have endured hardships and prevailed.  for the Victims was written to restore faith in mankind, provide hope for the weary, and encourage all those who need it—especially for survivors. 

In closing, I would like to say there is a reason for our nation’s crisis; and it is explained in vivid detail in the final book of this series.  You will certainly be surprised to learn how it all began—which is with the strength of survivors, portrayed in for the Victims

Roger Grubbs





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