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As we begin the New Year, I would like to take a moment to reflect upon the past.  I am a firm believer that in order to chart the course of our journey into the future, we must take a look at where we have been.  It would be appropriate at this time to thank all my loyal supporters and the 1700+ who have read my blogs. I must admit the response to “The Greatest Gift of All” and “A Christmas Wish” was more than could have been anticipated.  The ripple effect was felt around the nation as kindhearted people put this wish into practice.  It was all over the news, bringing a smile to my family.  There were hosts of mystery people helping others without revealing their identity.  Can you imagine the feelings of the recipient of such a gift?  Better yet, can you imagine the feeling within the individual who offered such an act of kindness without receiving any praise?

With that being said, let’s carry this thought forward and pay tribute to the true heroes in our lives.  The world is filled with kindness and those who are sacrificing everything in order to help others.  Yet, to accomplish that requires more than we realize.  Our police officers protect us from those who would do us harm.  It is because of their sacrifice that we can move about freely, carry on with our wishes, and expect to be safe while doing so.  Can you imagine what it would be like if it weren’t for those dedicated officers of the law? 

I wrote many stories of the Wild West, days of the frontiers, and of the times when our survival was left up to us as individuals.  Thankfully that has changed.  It is not perfect.  There is corruption, bribes, and dishonest judges who pervert the law; but as a whole, most are descent, dedicated keepers of the law.  It is a disgrace to them to learn of bribes being taken by their own to pervert justice.  To those who are truly devoted to keeping the oath they have taken to uphold the law, our deep-seated gratitude goes out to you.

It is only fitting and appropriate to praise the many individuals in our armed forces and to pay tribute to them.  They leave their families and the comfort of their homes to enter harms way in order to protect us.  Many pay the ultimate of sacrifices so we can have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  This great nation stands today as tribute to centuries of men and women who have served their country.  Without their sacrifice, we would most likely find ourselves under the control of a dictatorship or sovereign power, stripping us of the many privileges we enjoy today.

But, alas not all is well.  Unfortunately problems do exist.  They will be waiting for us in the future, just as they have persisted in the past.  One that I would like to touch on is human trafficking.  It is a global crisis and is out of control.  I have written “The Twelve SEALs” and two sequels for the purpose of creating public awareness about this subject.  Education is the key.  The next release is about to hit the bookstores, and you will certainly acquire a new level of appreciation for the SEALs after reading of these heroic efforts by some of our finest.  In these stories the president has become fed up with the tolerance of human trafficking.  Corruption is at the root of the problem, and the love of money is the driving force that is destroying the lives of many of our young women.  You may know of someone that has disappeared, never to be heard from again.  I do!  Is human trafficking behind it?  We are beginning to suspect as much.

In an effort to put a stop to the abductions, trafficking, and abuse of these unfortunate victims, the president has called upon the elite.  Who better than the Navy SEALs is there to protect our young women?  When victims are abducted, leaving behind no evidence to follow, and the police reach a dead end, it suddenly becomes a job for a team of former SEALs.  These guys are dedicated to protecting those who are unable to protect themselves.  Their training has prepared them for the task, and now they issue a warning:  “We got Bin Laden; and if you are involved in human trafficking, we will get you too!”  Young women are disappearing at an alarming rate and need someone to rescue them.  They wait, desperately wanting to be found.  Now there is hope, and soon the victims will be returned to the loving arms of their families.  Here is a tribute to our finest!

Recently I had the good fortune of being a guest on Dottie Laster’s Here Women Talk Radio.  If you would like to listen to my southern accent, click on the link below and choose archives.  My portion is the final twenty minutes of the broadcast.  Those who are concerned about my accent need not worry.  Once the ink touches the paper, the accent melts away.

If you would like to learn more about ways to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking, please consider “The Twelve SEALs” out now, and its sequels soon to be released.

Thank you!

 Roger Grubbs


http://bit.ly/zDUkka  Dottie Laster’s TRAFFICKED

 Here Women Talk Radio


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Many of us are about to celebrate the Christmas holidays and after that New Year’s Day.  These festivities have become a tradition among Americans, as well as numerous others around the globe.  This is a special time of year for many of us, as it should be.  Not only is it a time to be thankful for what we have, it is an occasion to think of others. 

We live in a world that is fast-paced, racing by at an alarming rate.  It is easy to get caught up in the frantic activity and lose ourselves in it.  Before long we become distracted by the abundance of things going on at once.  It is exciting – all can agree, but have we lost sight of what is truly important in our lives? 

This Christmas I have made a wish, and I hope you will share in it.  Before I reveal that wish, please bear with me.

There is a secret project that I have become aware of.  I cannot reveal the details because it is a secret.  Someone I know donated hours of their time all in secret. You see, nobody will ever know what this person did for others.  That’s the beauty of it.  Why would someone do that?  After all, they don’t get paid, and the recipients won’t be able to thank her because it was all done in secret.  I have had the pleasure of knowing this person for decades, and that’s just the way she is.

The sad part is this person also has needs and nobody knows it.  She has performed hundreds, possibly thousands of acts of kindness, all to help others.  You won’t hear her complain because that’s the way she is.  Because of her secret efforts, this season there will be children who won’t go to bed hungry at least for a few nights.  There will be food on the table, presents under the tree, and a smile on their faces.

Now this is my wish.  Choose to help someone in need.  You won’t have to look far.  Do it in secret, and enjoy the feeling it gives you – also in secret.  Then gather your loved ones, and place your arms around them.  Tell them how much they mean to you, and watch them smile. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Christmas is a special time of year, reminding us of the importance of friends and family.  With this auspicious occasion comes many wonderful blessings.  I am mindful of something as I gaze upon the meticulously decorated tree.  Resting high above, on the pinnacle of the evergreen, is an angel.  Of course the figure is only a symbol, not an idol that we should worship, but instead a reminder of something that is real.

For those of us who believe, there are indeed angels among us.  They come into our lives, often unaware, bringing joy to the lives they touch.  Without them the world can seem like a cruel and lonely place.  Their miraculous presence has the ability to change our lives.  While there are many truly remarkable people in the world, a few stand out among all the rest.

Whether or not we choose to admit it, we need each other.  Every person, every business, and everything we do while upon this marvelous planet called earth depends upon others.  No one is an island – even though some attempt to live that way.  But who are they hurting?  Life is short and fleeting, here today and gone tomorrow.  What would it be like not to have a single person to share it with?

It is so exciting to watch the children enjoying themselves, especially the younger ones as they put on quite a show for us.  Their faces are all aglow, they have no worries, and they delight in the little thing we call life.  Those are the fond memories we carry with us throughout our time here on earth.  Christmas is a time for family and friends to assemble together to share those precious moments and create new ones.  Have you ever considered how boring and lonely life would be without them? 

We must never take people for granted, especially those we cherish, for in the blink of an eye they can be taken from us.  Don’t wait until it is too late to enjoy the company of a dear friend.  The holidays are quickly approaching, providing an excellent opportunity to share our time with others and give of ourselves.

I have written a book I am sure you will enjoy.  It holds a lifetime of memories for two six-year-old children who discover ‘the greatest gift of all’.  This young boy and girl build a friendship at an early age that follows them wherever they go, even when destiny takes them in opposite directions.  Why not join us as we share in the story of some really good people?  Consider the sacrifices they make to help others.  When you are finished reading, you will surely believe there are angels among us.

The story begins with an orphan named Destiny.  She has met a kind old gentleman who knows the true meaning of life.  Watch as fate brings the two together, creating the backdrop for what is truly the Greatest Gift of All.


 “In Search of Paradise“, Adventure Series – Book 1, now available for your reading pleasure – absolutely free!  Click link below.  Enjoy!

“In Search of Paradise”


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